A Quick Guide To Cleaning Your Sheet Vinyl Flooring

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A Quick Guide To Cleaning Your Sheet Vinyl Flooring

A Quick Guide To Cleaning Your Sheet Vinyl Flooring

22 February 2022
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Vinyl is a tough and attractive flooring material for rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms, but it will need a small amount of maintenance if it is to be kept in good condition. Here is a quick guide to cleaning this type of flooring.

Remove debris

Small stones or pieces of grit can easily scratch the vinyl, while dust and dirt can settle on the floor and make the room look dull. This should be removed every day or two before any other cleaning takes place. A soft brush or a daily vacuum is all that is needed to remove this debris and protect your flooring.

Mop spills

Any liquids that fall on the vinyl will tend to pool and sit on the floor rather than soak in or drain away. This is because vinyl is waterproof and non-porous so it will not absorb the water. Unfortunately, this can stain the vinyl, and it can also be dangerous as it will make the floor slippery. Pools of water should therefore be mopped up immediately. A cloth or a mop will be enough to soak it up, but make sure the surface is dry again before you use it.

Wash the floor

The good news is that vinyl is a very easy flooring material to wash. Use a solution of warm water with a gentle detergent. The quickest way to clean the floor is with a mop. Don't be afraid to saturate the floor with the cleaning solution — water will not damage the vinyl. Just make sure it is mopped up thoroughly, and wring the mop to remove as much water as possible. You should not use the floor again until it is completely dry, as there will otherwise be a danger of slipping.

Remove stains

Any stains that are not removed by ordinary washing can be spot removed. Use a cleaner specially formulated for cleaning vinyl. You can also try using bicarbonate of soda, and can even use a bleach solution for the most stubborn stains. Use a cloth to remove the stain, and don't forget to wear gloves to protect your hands. Don't be tempted to use scourers or other abrasive cleaners, as this can cause damage to your vinyl.

Vinyl flooring is a very low maintenance option, which is one of its biggest benefits. Any supplier will be happy to give more advice on how to look after it.

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