Issues And Situations That Engineered Oak Floorboards Can Resolve

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Issues And Situations That Engineered Oak Floorboards Can Resolve

Issues And Situations That Engineered Oak Floorboards Can Resolve

31 August 2020
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Renovating your home is fun, and you get to spread your favourite textures and colours around the rooms. The flooring, in particular, covers all areas and, thus, influences the overall look. Engineered oak floorboards offer a beautiful and practical surface — and it can help with several issues and situations, such as those listed below.

Mouldy Kitchen Floorboards

Solid timber floorboards in a kitchen can set off the decor in the best light, spreading a warm and welcoming ambience about the space. The problem with wood, however, is that it can become mouldy and warp when in regular contact with splashing water around the sink and dishwasher area, for instance. Fortunately, you don't have to give up the timber look to avoid these problems. If you install engineered planks — which have a stable plywood core combined with protective resins — you'll experience the beauty of timber, minus the issues. The engineered planks will feature, on top, a particularly gorgeous hardwood oak veneer. 

Grungy Carpet That's Hard To Clean

The kitchen might be the heart of the home, but living areas often come a close second as family and friends watch their favourite TV shows while eating their favourite foods. Some of these snacks inevitably end up on the floor and seep deep into the carpet fibres. Not only are such spills hard to manage, but even routine vacuuming can be tiresome, especially in a large living area. Alternatively, you could install engineered floorboards, which are much easier to clean without debris-trapping fibres. You can also place rugs over the planks, which you can easily replace if they become grungy.

Cold-Looking Bathroom

Bathrooms are inevitably full of hard surfaces: glass shower screens, porcelain basins, ceramic and stone tiles, and the like. They have to be like that to be waterproof. You can break up all that coldness, however, with engineered oak planks to provide a welcome feeling of warmth. They're softer on bare feet than many tiles.

Regular Redecorating

If you love to redecorate and change the look of your rooms, engineered oak flooring covered in rugs is perfect. Once you have carpet installed wall to wall, it's a major job to rip it up and replace. However, floorboards are extremely versatile, with their neutral tans and browns that harmonise with diverse styles and colour palettes. Additionally, you can use a change of rugs to alter the ambience and decor of a room. Because floorboards themselves are so versatile, you can virtually redecorate around them and not have to go through the expense of new flooring each time you want a new look.

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