Three Tips for the Easy Maintenance of Your Bamboo Floors

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Three Tips for the Easy Maintenance of Your Bamboo Floors

Three Tips for the Easy Maintenance of Your Bamboo Floors

2 April 2018
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Bamboo is one of the flooring materials which are gaining a lot of popularity. This is because the material is easy to install, cost effective and very friendly to the environment. If you are thinking about installing bamboo flooring, you need to take time and learn how to clean and care for it. Below are a few tips that you may want to follow in maintenance of this wonderful flooring material.

Controlling humidity

Bamboo floors are very sensitive to moisture. You probably know that cleaning the floor with water is not recommended. In addition to this, you need to make sure that the humidity inside the house stays between forty and sixty per cent. This is because bamboo floors tend to soak in moisture from the air, and this leads to warping and at times, even the formation of mould and mildew. Ensure that your HVAC system is working properly, as it is always the start of the problems with humidity.

Preventing scratches

Bamboo is quite vulnerable to scratches from furniture and other heavy objects. Before installing the floor, make sure that you fit the legs of your couches with rubber caps. Any furniture which rolls should be fixed with rubber casters. In case you need to move heavy items from one point to the other, get people to help you pick it up as opposed to sliding it all over the floor. Pets also tend to cause a lot of the scratching. Learn how to control their movement, and trim their nails to prevent excessive scratching.

Products to avoid when cleaning

There are certain products that you should completely avoid when cleaning bamboo floors. First of all, ammonia-based cleaners, mineral finishes, waxes, bleaches and oil soap are all bad for a bamboo floor. Letting water sit on your bamboo floors is also bad. Instead, always make sure that you vacuum or clean the floor on a regular basis to remove any dirt. Any wet spills should be wiped and dried off as soon as possible after they occur.

In addition to these tips, always make sure that your floor has rugs on high traffic areas, such as the kitchen and the corridors. Also, when choosing rugs, avoid those that have rubber or vinyl backs, as these lead to moisture entrapment. Go for breathable materials which will allow moisture to escape and not lead to moisture getting locked on the bamboo floors.

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