Tips For Maintaining Timber Decking

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Tips For Maintaining Timber Decking

Tips For Maintaining Timber Decking

19 April 2016
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A deck can be a great addition to your property and give you a space for entertaining. It is possible for your deck to be made from a number of different materials, but timber is often the preferred option. A timber deck is durable and resilient, but only if it is maintained properly over time. This means that you need to know the most effective methods for maintaining your timber decking that are designed to prevent the wood from swelling or from the joists sustaining too much pressure.

In Between

The area that you need to concentrate on first are the spaces in between the timber deck boards. Even though the space between the boards is small, it is still possible for dirt and debris to collect in this area. The debris that collects will only increase the rate at which the timber decking rots. This is because the debris will soak up water at a more rapid rate. To keep the debris from increasing the rate at which your timber decking rots, you need to make sure that you clean out the spaces in between the deck boards. This can be done effectively by using a putty knife. You can just take the knife and sweep it in between the decking boards using enough force to scrape away all dirt and debris that has accumulated over time. You should do this regularly to keep the debris from building up.

Wash Decking

Once you have the space in between the deck boards cleaned, you can then clean the timber decking. You never want to use any harsh chemicals on the surface of the timber. This means that you should use just plain water or a mild detergent when you are cleaning your decking. It is best to use just a scrub brush and a hose to rinse the deck, but it is possible to speed up the process using a power washer. Just be sure that if you are using a power washer that you use it on the lowest setting to ensure that it does not cause any damage to the surface of the timber. Once the decking has been washed and sufficiently dried, you can then apply a stain to the deck that will reveal the natural beauty of the timber, and also provide protection against water damage. There are many different types of stains that you can choose from, but it is best to choose an option with waterproofing preservatives to prevent against mildew forming. 

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