Fun and Unique Ways to Use Synthetic Grass Indoors

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Fun and Unique Ways to Use Synthetic Grass Indoors

Fun and Unique Ways to Use Synthetic Grass Indoors

19 April 2016
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Synthetic grass, also called turf, is often used in backyards as an alternative to grass. It has a variety of benefits, including being low-maintenance and not requiring pesticides, but it also has benefits indoors. You can use it in virtually any indoor space as a flooring alternative, which helps you save money and have a soft floor in the process. Here are some unique ways to use synthetic grass indoors.

Indoor Putting Green

The first fun way to use this type of turf flooring indoors is by having your very own putting green. Perhaps you are a golf enthusiast, but for whatever reason, you aren't have to have one in your backyard. You might not have the proper space or may have difficulty getting enough quiet time to really enjoy the game. With a spare bedroom or area inside your home, you can make your own private putting green. Lay down some artificial grass, install some strategically-placed cups and you're good to go. This gives you a more natural look and feel than a small putting pad and offers you more customisable options.

Pet Areas

You may also want to create a nice pet area indoors for your dogs and cats. For example, if you have a dog that has arthritis or another physical condition, it might make it difficult for the dog to make it outside to potty. By having a dedicated space with a thick patch of synthetic grass, the dog can relieve itself inside right on the artificial lawn. Many types of synthetic grass can be easily lifted from their location and brought outside to rinse clean. This allows your dog to go whenever they need to while you are still able to clean and de-odourise the grass. Some synthetic grass companies might have grass specifically for indoor dogs.

Nature-Inspired Rooms

If your home is decorated in a natural, nature-inspired style, synthetic grass might be the perfect flooring option. It can be used in place of tile and carpet in most rooms of your home. It requires almost no maintenance, doesn't stain easily and doesn't need to be sealed or polished like other flooring. If you spill something, it is very easily to clean up the turf. Synthetic grass is also made to be very soft underneath your feet, making it a comfortable flooring material. Another benefit is that you can find it in different colours, so you aren't stuck with just green flooring.

Also consider the fact that synthetic grass is shock-absorbent, so you can place it in a game room or fitness room to help prevent injuries.

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